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Bids and Results-FY2018

Result Bid # Commodity
Result 2018-81 RFP 2018-81 Short Term Lease of Furnished Student Housing Units- University of Maine at Augusta
Result 2018-72 RFQ 2018-72 USM Lease of Space for Ice Skate Sharpening Services
Result 2018-86 RFP 2018-86 Market Research University of Southern Maine
Result 2018-84 RFB 2018-84 Breathing Air Compressor for the University of Maine Darling Marine Center
Result 2018-69 RFP 2018-69 Web Accessibility and Governance Tool
Result 2018-87 RFP 2018-87 University of Southern Maine Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Services
Result 2018-63 RFP 2018-063 Janitorial Paper Products & Can Liners UMF & USM
Result 2018-80 RFP 2018-80 Higher Education Room Scheduling Solution
Result 2018-085 RFI 2018-085 UM Fuels for Conventional Commercial/Industrial Grade Boilers
Result 2018-088 RFB 2018-088 Natural Gas UMS on behalf of UMaine
Result 125-17 Mechanical and HVAC Preventative Maintenance Inspection and Repair Services for Darling Marine Center University of Maine
Result 118-17 Conference/Residency Services for Stonecoast MFA Program (USM)
Result 112-17 University of Southern Maine Energy Savings Performance Consulting Services
Result 107-17 Incoming Packaging Processing Solutions
Result 79-18 RFB 79-18 Fuels: Propane UMF
Result 78-2018 RFB 78-18 Fuel: ULSHO UMF
Result 75-18 RFB 75-18 UMaine Transmitter for WMEB
Result 74-18 RFP 74-18 UMaineGold Marketing Consultant
Result 71-18 RFP 71-18 Athletic Fields Snow Removal University of Southern Maine
Result 70-18 RFP 70-18 Core Management Facility Software
Result 68-18 RFP 68-18 University of Southern Maine Welding & Repair Services
Result 67-18 RFP 67-18 Concurrent Enrollment Program
Result 66-18 RFP 66-18 School Bus Transportation for University of Maine Coop. Ext. Blueberry Cove 4-H & Learning Camp
Result 65-18 RFB 65-18 Panoramic Machine and Digital Sensor Bundle
Result 64-18 RFP 64-18 Short Term Lease of Furnished Student Housing Units- University of Southern Maine
Result 62-18 RFP 62-18 University Dorm Microwave, Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Units Rental/Sales Program
Result 60-17 RFQ_60-17_Organization-Development-and-Human-Resources-Professional-Services.pdf
Result 60-18 RFB 60-18 All Wheel Compact Loader University of Maine Facilities Management
Result 58-18 RFP 58-18 UMA- Bangor Campus Snow Plowing & Removal Services
Result 57-18 RFQ 57-18 Psychiatric Support Services
Result 56-18 RFP 56-18 Paper Goods for University of Maine Dining Services
Result 53-18 RFP 53-18 On- Call, Civil, & Excavation Services
Result 52-18 RFP 52-18 Market Research Services
Result 51-18 RFB 51-18 Point-to-Point Transport Service
Result 50-18 RFP 50-18 The Lodge Annual Cleaning Services & President's House Weekly Cleaning Services
Result 48-18 RFB #048-18 4WD Compact Utility Tractor for the University of Maine Facilities Management
Result 47-18 NRFP 47-18 Accounts Payable Optimization Consultant
Result 46-18 RFP 46-18 Pharmacy "Carve Out" Program
Result 45-18 RFP 45-18 Medical & Pharmacy Program
Result 43-18 RFB 43-18 Multiple Vehicle Purchase University of Maine at Augusta
Result 42-18 RFB 42-18 Multiple Vehicle Purchase University of Maine at Presque Isle
Result 41-18 RFB 41-18 Electricity: University of Maine (Orono)
Result 40-18 RFB 40-18 Compact All Wheel Steer Loader UMaine Facilities Management
Result 39-18 RFB 39-18 Tandem Axle Dump/Plow Truck UMaine Facilities Management
Result 37-18 RFP 37-18 UM Window Washing Services
Result 34-18 RFP 34-18 Online Enhancement Consulting
Result 33-18 RFP 33-18 Higher Education Telephone Services
Result 32-18 RFP 32-18 University Dorm Microwave, Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Units Rental/Sales Program
Result 30-18 RFP 30-18 UMPI Wind Turbine Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services
Result 29-18 RFP 29-18 Web and Video Conferencing Solution(s)
Result 27-18 RFP 27-18 Multi-Channel Video Services for Higher Education
Result 26-18 RFP 26-18 Virtual Bookstore Solution
Result 25-18 University of Maine Department of Auxiliary Services Total Cooking Oil Management Services
Result 24-18 RFP 24-18 Higher Education Emergency Mass Notification Solution
Result 23-18 RFP 23-18 Business Intelligence/Data Integration Solution
Result 22-18 RFP 22-18 Data Transport Services for NetworkMaine
Result 21-18 RFQ 21-18 Grant Management Business Analyst Services
Result 20-18 University of Maine at Farmington Multiple Vehicle Purchase
Result 18-18 Custodial Services for University College at Ellsworth
Result 17-18 RFP 17-18 Campus Rec Center Services
Result 16-18 Janitorial Services for the University of Maine Hutchinson Center
Result 15-18 University of Southern Maine Snow Removal & Sanding – Gorham Campus
Result 14-18 On Call/As Needed Services for University of Southern Maine Facilities Management
Result 12-18 RFQ 12-18 Analysis of Current Copier/Printer Service Delivery and Cost Distribution Systems
Result 11-18 On-Call As-Needed Mechanical & HVAC Maintenance, Inspection & Repair Services for UMF
Result 10-18 On-Call/As Needed Electrical Engineering Services
Result 09-18 Disability Case Management Solution
Result 08-18 University of Maine System Real Estate Sale New Sweden Maine
Result 07-18 Mechanical & HVAC Preventive Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Services for University of Maine Fort Kent
Result 06-18 RFP_06-18_Internet-Transit-Service.pdf
Result 03-18 RFP 03-18 UMaine Athletic Ticketing Solution
Result 01-18 RFP_01-18_Higher-Education-Mass-Notification-Solution.pdf