Bid # Due Date Due Time Commodity Attachments Addenda
2023-065 22-Mar-2023 11:59 pm RFP 2023-065 Maine Law School Bar Diagnostic Solution RFP 2023-065 Appendix C- Cost Template
RFP 2023-065 Appendix H- Solution Requirements
RFP 2023-065 Submission Form Package
RFP 2023-065 Addendum 1
RFP 2023-065 Addendum 2
2023-061 27-Mar-2023 11:59 am RFP 2023-061 Athletic Teams Passenger Buses RFP 2023-061 Response Materials
RFP 2023-061 Attachment C- Bus Trade-in Information
RFP 2023-061 Addendum 1
2023-039 27-Mar-2023 11:59 pm RFQ 2023-039 Advertising and Marketing Consultant Services No attachments available RFQ 2023-039 Addendum 1
2023-060 30-Mar-2023 11:59 pm RFP 2023-060 Laundry Services RFP 2023-060 Machine Inventory
Attachment 1: Appendix C
RFP 2023-060 Addendum 1
2023-072 30-Mar-2023 11:59 pm RFP #2023-072 University of Maine & University of Maine at Machias Trademark Services RFP #2023-072 Cost Template No addenda file(s) available
2023-057 31-Mar-2023 11:59 pm RFB 2023-057 USM Lighting Improvement Project RFB 2023-057 Master Agreement
RFB 2023-057 USM Field House April 2022 Revised
No addenda file(s) available
2023-071 07-Apr-2023 11:59 pm RFP 2023-071 Facility Security Officer Services for University of Maine RFP 2023-071 Cost Template No addenda file(s) available
2023-049 12-Apr-2023 11:59 pm RFP 2023-049 Physical Therapy Service for USM No attachments available No addenda file(s) available
2023-070 01-May-2023 05:00 pm RFQ 2023-070 Alternative Private Educational Loans RFQ 2023-070 Lender Response Sheet No addenda file(s) available


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