Bid # Due Date Due Time Commodity Attachments Addenda
2023-051 29-Nov-2022 11:59 pm RFB 2023-051 Video Messaging Solution RFB 2023-051 RFB Bid Package
RFB 2023-051 Master Agreement
No addenda file(s) available
2022-078 30-Nov-2022 11:59 pm RFP 2022-078 Federal Engagement Consulting Services No attachments available RFP 2022-078 Addendum 1
2023-054 07-Dec-2022 11:59 pm RFB 2023-054 GPU Cluster RFB 2023-054 RFB Bid Package No addenda file(s) available
2023-033 09-Dec-2022 11:59 pm RFP 2023-033 Insurance Brokerage Services RFP 2023-033 RFB Bid Package RFP 2023-033 Addendum 1
RFP 2023-033 Addendum 2
RFP 2023-033 Addendum 3
2023-034 16-Dec-2022 11:59 pm RFQ 2023-034 Asset Development & Management Consulting Services No attachments available No addenda file(s) available
2023-017 19-Jan-2023 11:59 pm RFP 2023-017 Web Accessibility Tool RFP 2023-017 Submission Form Package
RFP 2023-017 Appendix C- Cost Template
RFP 2023-017 Appendix H- Solution Requirements
No addenda file(s) available


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