Board of Trustees

Mark R. Gardner, Chair
James O. Donnelly, Vice Chair
Ellen N. Doughty, Clerk of the Board
Heather A. Massey, Staff Associate for Board Operations

Full Board List

Standing Committee Assignments

Executive Committee – Duties & Responsibilities
Academic & Student Affairs Committee – Duties & Responsibilities
Audit Committee – Duties & Responsibilities
Finance/Facilities/Technology Committee – Duties & Responsibilities
Human Resources & Labor Relations Committee – Duties & Responsibilities
Investment Committee – Duties & Responsibilities

Committee Assignments 2020-2021

Subcommittee and Other Committee Assignments

Subcommittee for Nomination of Officers – Duties & Responsibilities
Subcommittee for Chancellor Searches – Duties & Responsibilities
Presidential Search Committee – Charge

Board of Trustees on Other Committees: 2020-2021

Board of Trustee/Board of Visitors Executive Committee
James R. Erwin (exp. 2021)
Timothy L. Doak (exp. 2021)

UMS Representative to the Maine Public Broadcasting Corp
Kathy Olmstead (exp. 2022)

Pulp and Paper Foundation
Michael H. Michaud (exp. 2021)

University of Maine Foundation
Emily A. Cain (exp. 2021)
Kelly A. Martin (exp. 2021)
Patricia A. Riley (exp. 2021)

Maine Center Ventures – Board of Directors
James R. Erwin
Mark R. Gardner
Lisa M. Eames

Revised:  September 2020