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Fast Facts about the University of Maine System

Chancellor Dannel P. Malloy
Founded in 1968

Reports and Information


Policies, Procedures & Financial Reports

Employees and Human Resources

  • 59.3% (685) of the faculty in the UMS have tenure.
  • 56.3% (651) of the faculty are men, and 43.7% (505) are women. The percentage of faculty who are women has increased from 21.9% in 1981 to 43.7% in 2017.
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Strategic Planning Data Book

The UMS Strategic Planning Data Book was co-developed by the UMS Strategic Planning Committees and Huron Consulting Group in response to a need for shared awareness about National and UMS enrollment trends, Maine’s workforce needs, and UMS financial and staffing information. The teams consider the Data Book to be current and accurate at posting, noting that any data report is a snapshot in time. The UMS Strategic Planning Committees will recommend updates to the Data Book when appropriate.