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Created by the University of Maine at Augusta for use by all of Maine’s Public Universities

A 26 minute guided video tutorial to help walk students through the process of applying and preparing for their Early College courses.

We discuss the philosophy behind this application portal and emphasize the importance of students being the ones who access their account and apply for classes, NOT the parent/guardian.

(00:00:31 – 00:01:31) 

Guide for NEW Early College students to create an ExplorEC account.

(00:01:31 – 00:04:11) 

Guide for RETURNING Early College students to login to their existing ExplorEC account. We also go over the “Forgot Password” function if a student forgot their login information. 

(00:04:11 – 00:05:57) 

Guide for signing your Student Agreement (required), searching for courses, how to interpret your search results, how to apply, the Parent/Guardian Consent (required), and the High School Counselor Recommendation (required). 

(00:05:57 – 00:15:33) 

Guide for how to place a drop/withdrawal request for your Early College courses.

(00:15:33 – 00:17:09)  

We discuss your protections under FERPA as an enrolled college student, even though you are still in high school and regardless of your status as a minor. Guide for filling out the optional FERPA form where you will indicate individuals who our offices can speak to about your college enrollment information. 

(00:17:09 – 00:19:07) 

Important Notes:

Online/On-Campus Application Deadlines

  • The deadline for completed applications is 1 week before the class start date regardless of whether there are spots available in the class.
  • Completed applications are processed in the order in which they are received on a space available basis.
  • A completed application includes the following:
    • Student signature
    • Parent consent
    • School counselor or homeschool parent approval
    • Prerequisite documentation (if necessary) which could include:
      • Placement test results
      • Transcripts (if the course is completed outside of the UMS)
      • AP exam results
      • SAT/ACT scores
      • Any other course specific requirements
  • We cannot make exceptions for incomplete or late applications. Applications that are not completed by the deadline will be marked “Late Application” in the ExplorEC Portal and will NOT be processed for enrollment. 

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) /Bridge Year (BRY) Application Deadlines:

  • Deadlines for CE and BRY courses are set by each individual campus office.  Please contact the campus you are working with for more details.