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Early College (or dual enrollment) refers to all programs in which high school students enroll in college courses. Students earn both college and high school credit when they successfully complete the course. High school students who enroll in early college courses are more likely to enroll in college, have higher grades, and have a better chance of earning a college degree.

Qualified concurrent and Aspirations students may earn up to 12 free credit hours per year (Summer term courses count toward the following academic year, i.e. Summer 2023 classes count toward the 2023/2024 year). Concurrent and Aspirations programs are supported, in part, by the Maine Department of Education (External Site).

Bridge Year students may earn up to 25+ credits, at a cost of $40 per credit. 

To learn more about our revised academic eligibility policy for Early College download our Student Access document (Word Document).


Summer and Other Important Updates from UMS Early College

As we prepare to open the ExplorEC Portal on Friday for summer applications, this announcement includes information regarding important changes and gentle reminders including; ExplorEC Application Processing Reminders Late, Missing, or Incomplete Applications Summer Eligibility... Read More

Earlier Announcements

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