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What are the benefits of Early College courses?

High school students who enroll in early college courses are more likely to graduate high school, enroll in college, and earn a college degree. As a result, students are more prepared and successful in college.

For example:

  • Qualified Concurrent Enrollment and Aspiration courses are tuition and fee free for students (up to 12 credits per academic year). Students are responsible for purchasing books.
  • Early College students have more options for their high school curriculum, gain academic confidence, and develop better study skills.
  • Nationally, Early College students are seven times more likely to attend college.
  • Early College students who graduate from high school and enroll in a Maine Public University are more likely to enroll in college (persist) for a second year.
  • Students have the potential to reduce their college debt burden, as those who participate in Early College enter college with an average of 11 earned credit hours.
  • Students who enter college with Early College credits are more likely to earn a degree on time than students with no Early College.
  • Students can show college admissions officers that they are ready for more difficult coursework.
  • Students build a college transcript while still in high school. The college credits earned are transferable. While we hope students will attend one of Maine’s Public Universities or Community Colleges, these credits may be transferred to other colleges. Students will need to check with their institution about transferring credits when they enroll.
  • Early College students can explore majors and career options, or get a jump start in a field through one of our many pathway programs, such as Aviation – Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Business, Computer Science & Cyber Security, Criminal Justice, Dental Assisting, Forestry, Human Services, Nursing & Health Professions, Psychology, Recreation, STEM Careers, and Teaching.

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Sources for the above Benefits of Early College data can be found here.

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