Graphic is in the shape of an academic building with 4 pillars.

The roof is labeled “IMPROVED STUDENT SUCCESS OUTCOMES”, resting on a horizontal bar labeled “RESULTS.”

The roof and horizontal bar are resting on top of 4 pillars, collectively labeled “STUDENT SUCCESS LEVERS.” The first pillar reads “HIGH-IMPACT LEARNING”, the second reads “COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES,” the first reads “STUDENT-FOCUSED OPERATIONS”, and the fourth reads “STRATEGIC EXTERNAL PARTNERSHIPS.”

Under the four pillars is a base of three horizontal bars arranged as steps, collectively labeled “FOUNDATIONAL CAPACITIES.” The top step reads “LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGY,” the second reads “MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION,” and the bottom reads “TRANSFORMATIONAL READINESS.”

Under the graphic is the following text:

Source: Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Deloitte University Press


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