The University of Maine System invites learners to participate in Education Design Lab (External Link)‘s 21st Century Skills badges. The global economy is changing. Earning these badges demonstrates to employers that you have the skills they seek.

How will I benefit?

There are many advantages for students who have earned 21st Century Skills Badges:

  • Stand Out
    Set yourself apart from other job applicants.
  • Become Visible to Employers
    Those who add badges on their LinkedIn profile get six times the views.
  • Articulate Your Skills
    More easily communicate your skills and competencies during interviews.
  • Obtain a Verified Record of Your Skills
    Build an electronic record that goes deeper than your resume and transcript.
  • Continuous Learning
    Keep earning more!

These Four Badges are Available at this Time!


EDL Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem-solving in the 21st century workplace includes the capacity to solve problems in new ways.

EDL Initiative


Initiative in the 21st century includes self-efficacy and the capacity to identify needs and respond proactively.

EDL Oral Communication

Oral Communication

Oral communication in the 21st century includes the capacity to speak with clarity and precision and understand and recognize nonverbal cues.


Resilience in the 21st century includes the capacity to learn from experience and the capacity to adapt.

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How do I start and what is expected?

The badge courses are online and self-paced.

  1. Register for the Course
    Register today (External Site) to gain access to the courses!
  2. Learn, Practice, Reflect
    First, you work your way through the modules, learning, practicing, and reflecting on your skill development.
  3. Demonstrate Your Skills
    You will then prove your skills in a workplace challenge assessment. It typically takes a learner about 10 hours to complete the assignments and the assessment. You get to decide on your pace!
  4. Claim + Share your Badge
    A facilitator will use a rubric to confirm whether you met the competency standards. If so, you will be awarded a digital badge to share on LinkedIn and other sites.

Coming Soon –  21st Century Skills Badges in:


EDL Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking in the 21st century includes the capacity to reason logically and rigorously.

EDL Collaboration


Collaboration in the 21st century includes the capacity to work productively with different individuals and groups toward a common goal.

EDL Empathy


Empathy in the 21st century includes the capacity to understand others’ perspectives and feelings and to use this understanding to improve the quality of personal and professional relationships, behaviors, team cohesion, and performance.

EDL Intercultural Fluency

Intercultural Fluency

Intercultural fluency in the 21st century includes the capacity to operate and communicate in different cultural contexts.


If you have an interest in earning these badges, please complete the Interest Form.

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“[the digital badge helps] hiring managers with identifying the skills that these students have rather than having to sift through resumes. The digital badge easily identifies and separates them from other potential applicants.” – Joanna Morrison, Northern Light Health

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