Faculty and Staff Are Encouraged to Develop Badges and Micro-Credentials

Learn more about University of Maine System micro-credentials and how to develop them:

University of Maine System (UMS) micro-credentials are developed with quality assurance in mind (External Link).

UMS micro-credentials are:

Micro-credentials are developed by collaborative teams across the University of Maine System. The system is working to unify efforts across the seven universities and the University of Maine School of Law, and to avoid duplication of efforts. Employer and industry input is also sought.

At this time, UMS micro-credentials are non-credit opportunities. Credit may be awarded through the Prior Learning Assessment and External Review processes.

All micro-credentials follow the unified UMS Framework.

Learn about the levels and framework below:

Level 1

Introduction and Foundation
  • Introduction to topic and themes
  • Foundational work
  • Preparation for training

Level 2

Training and Practice
  • Rigorous training
  • Aligned quality standards
  • Skills practice
  • Assessment of competencies

Training comes in a variety of forms: Workshops, courses, programs, bootcamps, webinars, online modules or other formats

Level 3

Application and Feedback
  • Internships, co-ops, externships and jobs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work-based learning
  • On-the-job training
  • Experiential, applied learning
  • Assessment of competencies

Learners received valued performance feedback within their applied learning opportunity

Stacked Macro-Badge

UMS Micro-Credential Earned

Once you have earned all three levels within a pathway you will have earned a University of Maine System micro-credential. Micro-badges and industry certifications may also be earned.

All badges can be shared on social media or professional sites such as LinkedIn.

A stacked macro-badge represents a University of Maine System micro-credential.

Maine Pathway Level 1 Badge

Level 1 Badge

Micro-credential learners must meet specified rigorous criteria and submit evidence. All badge evidence is vetted, against standards, by University of Maine System faculty or staff.

The University of Maine System encourages faculty to create micro-credentials in these fields or areas:

Workforce Development Pathways

Workforce development pathways include pathways that offer training and work-based opportunities to strengthen learners’ employability skills and/or aid in career advancement. These pathways are mapped to skills and competencies that employers are seeking in job candidates, or as opportunities to upskill or reskill current employees.

Lifelong Learning Pathways

Lifelong learning pathways include professional development opportunities.continuing education, and lifelong learning opportunities. These pathways may aid learners in gaining the confidence needed to further their education and meet their personal learning goals.

How to Develop A Micro-credential

Information for faculty interested in developing a micro-credential

How do we develop a micro-credential?

  • Complete the University of Maine System Micro-Credential Interest Form at the top of this page.
  • You will be contacted by the Assistant Vice Chancellor and/or Staff. Principle components of micro-credential development will then be communicated.
  • The University of Maine System Steering Committee is informed. UMS Collaborators across the system will be sought. Employer input will also play a role in development.
  • A development team is formed and a meeting is arranged to discuss the proposal, meta-data templates and training available.
  • Meta-data drafts are reviewed by the Assistant Vice Chancellor against the framework and guidelines. You should expect revisions and iterations.
  • Proposals are approved by the University of Maine System Micro-Credential Steering Committee. Contact ums.mc@maine.edu for more information.

The University of Maine System Micro-Credential Steering Committee will assist in location appropriate team members across the system, as needed. The system realizes that some programs and ideas may be unique to a particular campus. Please indicate the unique nature of your micro-credential topic on the interest form at the bottom of this page.

Incorporate Developed Badges and Micro-Credentials into Your Courses

Education Design Lab’s 21st Century Skill Badges and University of Maine System micro-credentials are easy to incorporate.

The University of Maine System (UMS) was selected as one of three institutions to participate in the Education Design Lab’s Badged to Hire initiative (External Site). The Education Design Lab has developed eight 21st Century Skill badges to aid employers in finding the talent they need. Learn more about the University of Maine System’s partnership with the Education Design Lab here.

Faculty and staff can issue Education Design Lab 21st Century Skill Badges by mapping their course assignments or co-curricular programs. You may also encourage your learners to complete the online modules.

New UMS Micro-Badges can be developed!

To learn more about training or mapping a course, program or co-curricular activity email ums.mc@maine.edu.

Micro-credential Platforms


The University of Maine System (UMS) and Maine Community College System use the Badgr Pro platform to issue badges and create pathways.

There are a variety of micro-credentials developed for UMS students learners, which can be found on the micro-credential students and learners page. See the catalog of badges here (External Link).

Getting Students Involved

Encourage your students to earn micro-credentials.

Below are ways faculty and staff can encourage students to earn micro-credentials

  • Align an assignment to badge criteria
  • Map your course and/or program. A quick training is available! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to learn more.
  • Encourage and inform your advisees/mentees, honor societies and department clubs.
  • Offer extra-credit to badge earners.
  • Encourage micro-credential earners to display their achievement: Learners who have earned micro-credentials can verify their marketable skills by easily sharing their badges and micro-credentials on social media and professional sites like LinkedIn.

View the full list of micro-credentials offered through the University of Maine System.

Contact Us

Do you have a question? Are you interested in mapping a micro-credential? Contact the Micro-Credential Steering Committee at ums.mc@maine.edu.