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The University of Maine System (UMS) offers micro-credentials as a professional development opportunity for employees in your business. Micro-credentials are also an indication that a job applicant has demonstrated in-demand skills and competencies.

Micro-credentials count as training and experience! Micro-credentials can help employers with hiring and retention.

Professional development, training and experience for employees.

The University of Maine System’s (UMS) stacked UMS micro-credential indicates that a learner has successfully completed high-quality and rigorous training and was able to demonstrate the skills they developed in a work-based setting. Micro-credentials expedite the learning process for potential and current employees. Valued industry-credentials, certifications and 21st Century and employability skills can be built in.

Hiring: Find talent
Retention: Advance the skills of your current employees

Benefits to employers:

    • Reduce your hiring costs by quickly identifying talent
    • Verify the skillsets of potential employees, at a glance
    • Tap into a skilled hiring pool
    • Aid in talent retention through upskilling and reskilling your employees
    • Issued by a trusted higher education institution and assurance of quality

Get involved!

Employers and businesses can get involved with micro-credentials in many ways:

  • Become an internship or apprenticeship site
  • Work with us to build micro-credential that meet your hiring needs
  • Suggest skills-based badges and micro-credentials we can create
  • Let us know the industry-recognized credentials you value most
  • Learn more about the competencies validated by a micro-credential
  • Endorse a micro-credential and commit to interviewing
  • Share your knowledge and expertise!

The University of Maine System offers granular, skills-based micro-badges.

Badges are earned by completing leveled modules. Learn about the levels and framework below:

Level 1
Introduction and Foundation
  • Introduction to topic and themes
  • Foundational work
  • Preparation for training
Level 2
Training and Practice
  • Rigorous training
  • Aligned quality standards
  • Skills practice

Training comes in a variety of forms: Workshops, courses, programs, bootcamps, webinars, online modules or other formats.

Level 3
Application and Feedback
  • Internships, co-ops, externships and jobs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work-based learning
  • On-the-job training
  • Experiential, applied learning
  • Assessment of competencies

Learners receive valued performance feedback within their applied learning opportunity.

Stacked Macro-Badge
UMS System Micro-Credential Earned

Once learners receive all three levels within a pathway they will have earned a UMS micro-credential. Micro-badges and industry certifications may also be earned.

All badges can be shared on social media or professional sites such as LinkedIn.

A stacked macro-badge represents a University of Maine System micro-credential.

University of Maine System Maine State Level 1 Badge ExampleLevel 1 Badge

University of Maine System Maine State Level 2 Badge ExampleLevel 2 Badge

University of Maine System Maine State Level 3 Badge ExampleLevel 3 Badge

University of Maine System Maine Micro-credential ExampleUniversity of Maine System Micro-Credential

Micro-credential learners must meet specified rigorous criteria and submit evidence. All badge evidence is vetted, against standards, by University of Maine System faculty or staff.

Learn about 21st Century Skill Micro-Badges:

The University of Maine System offers sought-after 21st Century Skill Micro-Badges through a partnership with the Education Design Lab.

Learn more about the initiative and their eight badges:

  • Collaboration
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Initiative
  • Intercultural Fluency
  • Oral Communication
  • Resilience

More micro-badges are being developed!

See the catalog of University of Maine System micro-credentials and micro-badges here (External Site).

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