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The University Service: Information Technology division is comprised of professional staff dedicated to providing IT support and services for all University of Maine System students, faculty and staff.  The division is organized into the 18 functional teams listed below. In addition, each UMS campus maintains a local Campus IT Support Services team.

  • IT Leadership Team
    • Robert Placido, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer
    • John Forker – Chief Information Security Officer
    • Jeffrey Letourneau – Executive Director, Networkmaine
    • Tiffany Maiuri – Director, Custom Enterprise Solutions
    • Steven Premeau – Director, Enterprise Systems Applications and Administration
    • Robin Sherman, Director, IT Projects and Professional Services
    • John Brown, Director of Service Delivery and Support
    • Angela Cook – Director of Academic Technology
    • Kim Tran – Associate CIO for Campus Technology Services
    • Niki Woodhouse, Director, IT Procurement, Learning Development and Budget Operations
    • Sara Farnham, Director of Asset Management and Digital Accessibility
  • Academic Technology
  • Information Security
    • Data Governance and Information Management
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Advanced Computing Group
  • Enterprise Systems Applications and Administration
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions
  • Campus Technology Services
  • Projects and Professional Services
  • Service Delivery and Support
  • Card & Cellular Services
  • Operations

  • Campus IT Support Offices

Full Staff/Organization List