Vertical bar graph has “Graduation Rate” along the Y-axis with a range of 0% to 90%, and “Demographic” along the X-axis with two bars, one representing student with no early college and one for student with early college, for each of the following:

  • Geography: Rural
  • Geography: Urban
  • Gender: Male
  • Gender: Female
  • Race/Ethnicity: Students of Color
  • Race/Ethnicity: White


Demographic Six Year Graduation Rate: Students with No Early College Six Year Graduation Rate: Students with Early College
Geography: Rural 47% 59%
Geography: Urban 53% 74%
Gender: Male 47% 62%
Gender: Female 54% 67%
Race/Ethnicity: Students of Color 43% 76%
Race/Ethnicity: White 52% 64%

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