Map of state of Maine with a star location of each UMS University. UMFK at top. UMPI just below that. UMaine in the middle. UMA just below that. UMM on the far right. UMF on the left. USM near the bottom.

University of Maine at Fort Kent
Scott Voisine
Dean of Community Education
Phone: 207-834-8644

University of Maine at Presque Isle
Teri StPierre
Director of Early College
Phone: 207-768-9574

University of Maine
Kari Suderley
Early College Programs Team
Phone: 207-581-8024

University of Maine at Farmington
Kirsten Petroska
Director of Early College Partnerships
Phone: 207-778-7266

University of Maine at Augusta
Rachael Magill
Director of Early College Programs
Phone: 207-621-3163

University of Maine at Machias
Christy Alley
Director of Early College
Phone: 207-255-1268

University of Southern Maine
Jamie Austin
Assistant Director; Office of Registration & Scheduling
Phone: 207-780-5202

Amy Hubbard
Executive Director of Early College
Phone: 207-572-3806