Accessibility Tool Collections

On this page you will find web accessibility tools that have been vetted by the University of Maine System Digital Technology Accessibility Committee (DTAC).

Highlighted Tools and Resources

Colour Contrast Analyzer (External Site) The Colour Contrast Analyzer (CCA) tool provides two useful functions for testing color contrast for accessibility:

  • A pass/fail assessment against WCAG 2.1 color contrast success criteria
  • A simulation of certain visual conditions, including dichromatic color-blindness and cataracts, to demonstrate how your web content appears to people with less than 20/20 vision

The CCA is available for Windows and Mac, and in multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Hindi, Korean and traditional Chinese.

Note: The visual simulation functionality is only available in the Windows version.

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List (External Site)  A searchable database of accessibility testing tools.
DHS Section 508 Compliance Testing Tools (External Site) Used by the United States government Information Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility, which includes a trusted tester training and program.
Buy It! by PeatWorks (External Site) An online resource that helps employers and their purchasing staff build accessibility and usability into their information and communication technology.