Approved Live Captioning Partners for the University of Maine System

The University of Maine System (UMS) utilizes several vendors for live accurate captions for digital audio and video events. The preferred vendor is Karasch (see below). Be sure to give the provider adequate advance notice for them to schedule a transcriptionist for your event. Let your provider know if you are using Zoom for your event so that they give you an API number to enter into your Zoom session.

CART’s accuracy depends on many factors that the session presenter can control. The Hearing Loss Association of America provides this guide to CART captioning accuracy (External Site).

Provider Service Contact Rate Display
Karasch (External Site) (Preferred UMS vendor) Remote CART 1-800-621-5689 (Voice)
619-696-2008 (Fax)
  • Remote CART (courses, meetings) $99/hr
    • One hour minimum
  • Remote Audience (events, conferences) $125/hr
    • One hour min
  • Billed in half hour increments after the minimum
Zoom API, Separate Window
Automatic Sync (External Site) Remote CART Create an account (External Site)
  • $110/hr ($125/hr for graduation and sports events)
    • One hour minimum
  • 15 minute increments after the min
Zoom API, Separate Window
Caption Logic (External Site) Remote CART Shari Majeski, CCP, CBC 952-388-1546 (Voice)
207-650-9316 (Text)
  • $110/hr.
    • Two hr minimum
  • 15 minute increments after the minimum
Zoom API, Separate Window
HRI-CART (External Site) Remote CART Michael E. Agostinelli
877-372-CART (2278) – (Voice)
877-752-1016 (FAX)
  • Academic Classes: $105/hr
    • One hour minimum
  • Non-Academic events: $125/hr
    • 2 hour minimum
  • Roughly edited transcripts are free for academic class delivered within 24 hrs of the class; $20/hr for others
  • Audio/Set-up Test: $75 when required
  • 15 minute increment after scheduled end-time
Zoom API, Separate Window, App
Maine Cart (External Site) Remote CART Marsha Dulac-Swain
207-242-9378 (Voice & Text)
Zoom API, Separate Window