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General Links:

  • Academic Calendar– outlines when Early College courses will begin and end, and when colleges will be closed for holidays or breaks.
    • Important: College classes may be running over high school breaks, and students will be expected to complete all required college coursework even if they are on high school break.
  • Academic Program Search– See what majors and degree options are available across Maine Public Universities.
  • Early College Website– Review information for getting started in Early College.
  • Career Exploration Pathways – Look at an area of interest and suggested classes within that area to take now and what that can lead into for college majors and potential careers.
  • Early College Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Native American Waiver & Education Program (NAWEP) (External Site) – The purpose of the NAWEP is to encourage Native American students to participate in public higher education in Maine. Our goal is to provide sustained support for all Native American students who wish to pursue a certificate, associate, or baccalaureate degree at any Maine Public University, or some other appropriate credential that will serve them personally and professionally as they plan for the future.

Application Resources:

Technology Resources:

Mental Health Resources:

  • Silvercloud (External Site) – free resource providing support for students struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or resilience

Accessing Transcripts:

Early College Resources by Campus

The following resources are specific to the campus where an Early College student is taking courses.

University of Maine

University of Maine at Augusta

University of Maine at Farmington

University of Maine at Fort Kent

University of Maine at Machias

University of Maine at Presque Isle:

University of Southern Maine