Picture of Rowena A. Clukey. Link to Chancellor's Office home page.

Rowena A. Clukey, Executive Director of the Chancellor’s Office

Carolyn Dorsey, Acting Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives

Photo of Ryan Low. Link to UMS Finance & Administration webpage.

Ryan Low, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Portrait of Jeffrey St. John

Jeffrey St. John, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Image of Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, President, University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias

Photo of Ellen Doughty. Link to UMS Board of Trustees webpage.

Ellen Doughty, Clerk of the Board

Photo of Samantha Warren. Link to UMS Government and Community Relations webpage.

Samantha Warren, Director of Government and Community Relations

Silhouette portait placeholder

Paul Chan, General Counsel

Photo of Rosa Redonnett. Link to UMS Student Success and Credential Attainment webpage.

Rosa Redonnett, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Credential Attainment

Photo of Kim-Marie Jenkins. Link to UMS Offie of Organizational Effectiveness webpage.

Kim-Marie Jenkins, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

Photo of David Demers. Link to UMS Information Technology webpage.

David Demers, Chief Information Officer

Photo of Gretchen Catlin

Gretchen Catlin, Chief Facilities & General Services Officer