Rowena A. Clukey, Special Assistant to the Chancellor

Photo of James B. Thelen

James B. Thelen, General Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Chancellor

Photo of Ryan Low

Ryan Low, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Photo of Robert Placido

Robert Placido, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Photo of Ellen Doughty

Ellen Doughty, Clerk of the Board

Photo of Dan Demeritt

Dan Demeritt, Executive Director of Public Affairs

Photo of Samantha Warren

Samantha Warren, Director of Government and Community Relations

Laurel Hyle, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Photo of Rosa Redonnett

Rosa Redonnett, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Credential Attainment

Carolyn Dorsey, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Photo of Kim-Marie Jenkins

Kim-Marie Jenkins, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

Carol Corcoran

Carol Corcoran, Chief Human Resources Officer

Photo of David Demers

David Demers, Chief Information Officer

Photo of Chip Gavin

MF Chip Gavin, Chief Facilities and Management and General Services Officer

Photo of Tamara Mitchell
Tamara Mitchell, Special Assistant for Executive Employment