The Harold Alfond Foundation commitment is bringing people together to bring transformative change to the University of Maine System and shape Maine’s future

Stay connected to the investments and innovation resulting from the historic $240 Million commitment the Harold Alfond Foundation has made to Maine and its public universities

The Harold Alfond Foundation’s historic investment in Maine and its people (External PDF) includes a $240 million commitment to the University of Maine System to bring transformative change to the state’s largest educational, research, innovation and talent development asset.

The grant is both a gift and a challenge that inspires everyone who believes in the transformative power of education to come together and do more. We will proceed with  a commitment to inclusion that makes sure that no one is left behind.

UMS Transforms means: More for the University of Maine System’s students and a reshaping of national thinking on how to engage learners in a new age. Entering students will be introduced to discovery with research learning early in their college careers. Proven approaches to learning assistance and curricular redesign will improve results and retention through gateway STEM courses. Expanded access to credit-bearing internships and experiential learning will strengthen pathways to careers.

UMS Transforms means: More solutions for our workforce and employers, including a new Maine College of Engineering and Computing that will become a statewide, integrated solution to providing the technical workforce and innovations that are critical to moving Maine’s economy forward.

UMS Transforms means: More real-world relevance and cross-disciplinary learning and connections through the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center. With focused coordination we will build a global brand and reach for our graduate business, law, health and public policy programs. These programs will come together in a new state-of-the-art building in Portland and strengthen connections to Maine and its higher education community.

UMS Transforms means: A new chapter in UMaine Black Bear Athletics and the opportunity to build a stronger, more inclusive community. This includes state of the art facilities, venues and stadiums that keeps with Harold Alfond’s leadership and legacy of support for education and athletics.

UMS Transforms means: A place for everyone who believes education is our highest and best hope to change lives and shape a better, more inclusive future. We are counting on leadership, engagement and ideas from across the university community and from the students and stakeholders we proudly serve.

Together we can be transformative!

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