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UMS Employee Benefits Center

Welcome to your UMS Employee Benefits Center!

The UMS Employee Benefits Center (EBC) is a centralized, one-stop resource for benefits enrollment, information and assistance. We offer employee advocacy when dealing with insurance carriers and other benefit service providers. In addition to providing direct support to employees, the EBC is responsible for many of the employee benefits administrative functions. The Employee Benefits Center is available to assist employees by phone or email 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Employee benefits  are a significant part of the overall UMS total compensation package.  All full-time regular and part-time regular employees working at least half time are eligible for benefits. Employees pay different premium amounts based on the type of employee, collective bargaining agreement, and percent of time worked. Additional information about benefits, eligibility, costs and enrollment is available to employees on the MyUMS Portal.  More information regarding MaineStreet can be found here.

Benefit Program Guides

Employee Contribution Rate Sheets


  1. UMPSA & ACSUM (COLT):  Full-Time
  2. UMPSA & ACSUM (COLT):  Part-Time 50-74% FTE
  3. UMPSA & ACSUM (COLT):  Part-Time 75-99% FTE
  4. AFUM
  5. Non-Represented Employees:  Full-Time 
  6. Non-Represented Employees:  Part-Time 50-74% FTE
  7. Non-Represented Employees:  Part-Time 75-99% FTE
  8. PATFA
  9. Service & Maintenance
  10. Police


  1. Health Plan Premium Chart 2016
  2. Rate Sheet: Full-Time (excluding Service/Maintenance & AFUM)  2016
  3. Rate Sheet: Full-Time – Service/Maintenance  2016
  4. Rate Sheet: Full-Time Faculty – AFUM 2016
  5. Rate Sheet: Part-Time Working 50% to 74% Time 2016
  6. Rate Sheet: Part-Time Working 75% to 99% Time 2016
  7. Rate Sheet: Part-Time Temporary Faculty 2016


Listen and watch our informative introductory presentation about UMS employee benefits:





Contact Us

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Email: benefits@maine.edu
Toll-Free: 1 (866) 269-9635
Local: (207) 973-3373
Fax: (207) 561-3454
MyUMS Portal

Your EBC Team

Fred Meserve
Karla Kemp
Tammie Perez
Ann Remick
Kristen Cobb

Our Creed

UNDERSTAND the question or concern.
Provide ACCURATE information.
Be PROMPT in response.

You matter… and so does your feedback.

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