University of Maine System Retiree Health Benefits

The University of Maine System is responding to concerns expressed by retirees and the University of Maine System labor unions. The University of Maine System is working to resolve these concerns by:

  • Adding options for both new exchange-based individual health plans and
  • Retaining the current University-sponsored group health plan offered by Aetna for eligible retirees who feel they are better served by their existing coverage

This web page is dedicated to providing information and updates for retirees navigating the enrollment or un-enrollment process.

On this page you will find the latest updates, special infographics to guide you through the process, contacts for your additional questions and links to important documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Retiree Health Benefits Frequently Asked Questions page if you have additional questions.


Read more about the Retiree Benefits ombudsperson and more in the December 4, 2020 update: In an effort to provide as much information as possible in support of your enrollment for University of Maine System-sponsored supplemental health care benefits for 2021, please note important updates on the Retiree Benefits Ombudsperson Announcement webpage.

Read more about the Aetna update on November 25, 2020: University of Maine System to retain Aetna Group Health Plan and cap out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses at $1,500 for participants who switch to exchange plans.

Explore the healthcare options update from November 25, 2020: Understand your options with the University of Maine System Retiree Health Exchange infographic (PDF). This infographic will assist retirees navigating the process so that they may better understand recent changes in the retiree health options.

University-sponsored Aetna and Cigna Group Plan Resources

Below you will find important documents and instructions to assist in your enrollment process.

Benefits summaries and rate information:

Additional benefit summaries available for retirees in the Aetna Extended Service Area (ESA) and South Carolina residents plans are available upon request.

Aetna Re-enrollment Election:

The Aetna enrollment form is available to those retirees that wish to enroll in the University of Maine-sponsored Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. Please contact the insurance carrier that you had enrolled with through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange to cancel your coverage and to pursue reimbursement of any premiums you may have paid to the carrier.

Enroll in the 2021 Aetna Group Health Plan: Aetna Enrollment Election Form (External Site)

Maine Agency on Medicare Supplement from the Maine Bureau of Insurance

Among other helpful resources for retirees is the Medicare Supplement Brochure (External Site) available through the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

Plan Sign Up Instructional Video

This Health Plan Enrollment Instruction Video (External Site) is available to you in a recorded format.

Contact Information

University of Maine System Resources:

University of Maine System Employee Benefit Center 
Phone: 207-973-3373

For assistance with specific difficulties or concerns, you may contact:

Tracy Bigney
Phone: 1-207-581-1233.

Aon Retiree Health Exchange Resources:

Aon Retiree Health Exchange
Phone: 1-833-704-1028 (TTY 711)
Web: Aon Retiree Health Exchange Website (External Site)

Vendor Contact Information: