Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Options

Important Information:

Medicare-eligible retirees wishing to enroll or dis-enroll in their plan must take action during the University of Maine System (UMS) Open Enrollment Period, which occurs in November.

One choice is very simple. If you do not wish to make any changes in your current coverages, you need not take any action at this time. However, should you wish to make alternative selections, below are some convenient instructions to guide you moving forward in the process.

During Open Enrollment, here are your options:

I want to stay in the Aetna group Medicare Advantage Plan.

In accordance with Board of Trustees practices any annual updates will be communicated to you in your annual Open Enrollment letter. The group health plan currently offered through Aetna remains available and if you are currently in the Aetna plan and do not wish to change your coverage, you do not need to do anything.

I was in the Alight Retiree Health Solutions last year, but want to move back to the Aetna group Medicare Advantage Plan.

If you wish to return to the Aetna group Medicare Advantage Plan, you will need to re-enroll through EBPA. You must also contact your current carrier to dis-enroll in coverage. For assistance in that process, please contact Employee Benefits Plan Administration (EBPA) directly at 1-888-232-3203.

I was in the Aetna Group Health Plan last year, but would like to move to coverages available through the Alight Retiree Health Solution.

If you elected to remain with the Aetna Group Health Plan a year ago but would now like to secure coverages available through the Alight Retiree Health Solution, you will need to contact both Alight and EBPA directly:

Website: Alight (External Site)
Phone: 1-833-704-1028

Employee Benefit Plan Administration (EBPA)
Website: EBPA (External Site)
Phone: 1-888-232-3203

I am in a plan offered through the Alight Retiree Health Solution and have been notified that my current plan is changing or wish to change into another plan on the Alight Retiree Health Solution.

If you wish to change carriers within the Alight Retiree Health Solution, you have additional time to complete this change.  Your enrollment period is from October 15 through December 7. You must contact your Alight Benefits Advisor to make any changes to your enrollment.

Options for UMS Retirees:

Your choice of either Aetna or Alight. If you currently have dental, you may continue under Northeast Delta Dental. If you wish to learn more about your UMS retiree options, you may contact the Employee Benefits Center (EBC) via email at or by phone at 207-973-3373, toll-free 1-866-269-9635.

Retiree Benefit Rates:

With Appreciation

The University of Maine System would like to take this opportunity to express most sincere appreciation for the outstanding service of its employees as they either contemplate retirement or perhaps already enjoy its many benefits and opportunities.

Useful Information

Consistent with the desire to remain supportive of employees throughout their association with the System, this site is designed to furnish useful information and resources maintained to assist employees no matter where they may be in the retirement process.

Choice between Alight and Aetna

Whether a retiree selects health or dental benefits available through the Alight Retiree Health Solutions or the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, here you will find valuable guidance to help ensure the best possible retirement experience.

Listings to Support the Interests of Retirees

There are listings for Alight and Aetna, TIAA, EBPA and CMS where you can locate what you need to know for successful Open Enrollment, bill reconciliation, Health Savings Account administration and much more. You will also find helpful connections to U.S. Government and Maine agencies that can prove outstanding sources of information and understanding, as well.

Your Retirement Guide

An important resource available to those contemplating retirement from the University of Maine System is your Retirement Guide located within MaineStreet and should be a part of consideration in both timing and personal options.

Your Employee Benefits Center

As always, should you need help with your retiree benefits, please get in touch with your Employee Benefits Center, (EBC) at or 1-207-973-3373, toll-free 1-866-269-9635.

Current and potential retirees now have a dedicated point-of-contact within the UMS Employee Benefits Center to help address questions and identify potential resources. Ann Remick may be reached at or 1-207-973-3373, toll-free 1-866-269-9635.

Contact Information

University of Maine System Resources:

University of Maine System Employee Benefit Center 
Phone: 207-973-3373, toll-free 1-866-269-9635.

University of Maine System, Ann Remick, Senior Benefits Specialist

Phone: 207-973-3373, toll-free 1-866-269-9635.

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