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Effective May 24, 2021:

  • Not required: Face coverings are not required when outdoors on university property, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Required: Face coverings continue to be required at all times when indoors on University property or in University administered facilities, regardless of vaccination status. More details, exceptions and information are below. This applies to anyone present in such spaces: students, staff, faculty, guests and all other individuals. The University is monitoring rapidly moving developments regarding face coverings and, as has been the case throughout the pandemic, further changes in University guidance are possible.
  • Welcomed: Face coverings continue to be welcomed in virtually any circumstance when individuals choose to wear them, when physical distancing is difficult to maintain, when one or more of those present are not fully vaccinated or as a matter of personal preference.

In more detail regarding face coverings, they are required at all times when indoors on University of Maine System campuses, property and facilities, and at all other times when indoors on University business.

When face coverings are required to be worn, they are to be the type commonly recommended by public health officials. These are generally made of multiple layers of cloth, which cover the nose, mouth and chin and are secured either with ear loops or with ties behind the head.

The University asks everyone to aim for not mere technical compliance with the face covering requirement but rather to meet the spirit and intention of the face covering requirement when wearing your own face covering.

University of Maine System students and employees should also refer to the related guidance in the “For Students” or “For Employees” sections of this Together for Maine web site.

Current exceptions to the University’s indoor face covering requirement include:

  1. When a person is alone in an office or other room with a closed door;
  2. When eating or drinking in a space where eating or drinking is permitted;
  3. When a medical accommodation has been granted by appropriate University officials;
  4. When a situation (i.e. childcare settings) or a person (i.e. children younger than two) are specifically exempted by Maine civil authorities; or,

In other special circumstances as may be determined by campus leadership. University of Maine System students and employees should also refer to the related guidance in the “For Students” or “For Employees” sections of this Together for Maine web site.

(Last reviewed/updated: 05/21/2021)

University instruction and operations have continued throughout the pandemic, they are continuing today, sometimes in new and different ways, and they will continue through the summer 2021 semester, to promote both safety and the ability of students, faculty and staff to be together.

The University of Maine System and its institutions will hold a variety of in-person courses and programs this summer with appropriate safety and operational measures implemented, such as a combination of remote and in-person work, instruction, and research, along with physical distancing, face coverings and other such pandemic protocols during summer 2021.

The University of Maine System currently has various overall special provisions in place regarding its general operations and in-person activities, including:

  • Testing: The University will continue proactive asymptomatic testing of its in-person students, staff and faculty during summer 2021. For special summer programs, in general, testing also will be required for those staying overnight for 3 or more consecutive nights in a university facility or university administered program. Individual programs should be contacted for specific applicable requirements. Fully-vaccinated individuals may be exempted from routine testing. Students, staff and faculty should refer to their specific sections of this web site for information regarding how “fully vaccinated” is defined and how to submit vaccination verification.
  • Physical distancing: Effective May 24, the Universities general physical distancing requirement will be removed in keeping with and except as otherwise required by Maine civil authorities. University personnel and program leaders should monitor the guidance of public health authorities and Maine civil authorities, and should use and adhere to the guidance when and as applicable. Individual Universities may continue to implement physical distancing requirements if circumstances or particular situations warrant.  Until May 24, the University will continue to follow physical distancing guidelines that include maintaining 6 feet between individuals at indoor and outdoor events.
  • General group size limits: Effective May 24 the University of Maine System will remove all pandemic-related group gathering limits, in keeping with the guidance of Maine civil authorities.  Until then, the University continues to follow the capacity which are in place per civil authorities.  Each University may continue to limit group gatherings on campus for any specific University event or gathering below this maximum level as circumstances may warrant.
  • Public access to campus: While the pandemic is easing and pandemic protocols overall are being lifted, members of the public are alerted that each University may yet be curtailing access to various facilities, such as fitness facilities, bookstores, libraries and other facilities. Any member of the public who plans to come to campus or who has an appointment scheduled on campus, is encouraged to confirm in advance with the campus they are visiting that they will be able to carry out the purpose of their visit before making the trip. University dining facilities are not open to the public at this time.

Within this commitment to civil requirements and safety, the University System is conducting in-person instruction, day camps, overnight camps and other in-person programming at its facilities or under its auspices during summer 2021. Instruction, research, programs, camps, and other summer activities are not necessarily expected to operate in-person universally, but on a case-by-case basis. Instruction is expected to continue as it has for the current academic year as a mix of in-person and alternative modalities for summer 2021. Beyond for-credit instruction, only programs and activities which can meet the: a) guidance of Maine civil authorities for that particular activity, b) requirements of each University’s pandemic response team, and c) head institutional leader, such as President or Dean, shall operate. This means decisions about in- person activities may vary between institutions and within institutions. Interested individuals should also check with the specific programs that interest them. The University System does expect to conduct its customary programs for incoming university first-year students. These are distinguishable from day or overnight summer camps serving other populations, but these first-year programs may in some instances or practices be referred to as “camps.”

This guidance applies to activities within the State of Maine. Summer programs, instruction or activities involving domestic travel outside of Maine are first subject to the University’s pandemic travel limits and guidance, which is detailed under the travel section of this website. The response to COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation and this guidance is subject to change. Guidance for vaccinated individuals is changing especially rapidly and may prompt further updates in the University’s practices. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to check Together for Maine routinely for updates. Employees and students in particular are encouraged to check the relevant sections of the website for information particular to their needs.

Students and families are encouraged to check with the specific program of interest to them for the most current and accurate information regarding summer programs.

Employees and students in particular are encouraged to check the relevant sections of the website for information particular to their needs as the University System continues its pandemic planning and response.

(Last reviewed/updated: 05/21/2021)

Chancellor Dannel Malloy and the Presidents and Law Dean of the University of Maine System are alerting faculty, staff and students to prepare for a traditional, in-person college experience and a return to near normalcy in fall 2021.

The universities of the University of Maine System are looking forward to welcoming students to campus for the fall 2021 semester with near pre-pandemic normalcy because of multiple and increasingly available and highly-effective vaccines, our mutual increased experience with and commitment to pandemic protocols, and changing civil and public health guidance.

Faculty, staff and students should plan for more in-person instruction, courses and activities; more people in attendance at these activities, more students in residence; and, more facilities open with fewer restrictions.

The University of Maine System is also committed to helping lead the state’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign and participating in the Moving Maine Forward Plan announced March 5, 2021.

University guidance will continue to align with civil authority recommendations. The University will carefully consider the full spectrum of protocols and options including: group size limits, face coverings, physical distancing, testing requirement and many other considerations. The University will continue to be informed by science and will continue to ensure compliance with the pandemic requirements of Maine civil authorities.

University instruction and operations have continued throughout the pandemic and they are continuing today, often in new and different ways, to promote both safety and the ability of students, faculty and staff to be together. In the fall of 2021, the System currently intends and is planning to return to operations which are much closer to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Further guidance regarding the return to campus will be forthcoming as planning advances. For now, especially if you are a university employee engaged in direct student interactions, support or instruction; research or public service best conducted on site, or, work which otherwise requires in-person presence, please assume and expect that you will to be in- person for fall 2021. Please use this information and expectation to inform your decision- making and planning for fall.

Separately from this preliminary guidance regarding fall 2021, the University of Maine System currently has guidance and various special provisions in place regarding its operations and in-person activities for spring and summer 2021. Those interested in the protocols and guidance for those periods of time are encouraged to review the material specific to those time periods, which is different from the guidance that is being developed for fall 2021.

The entire response to COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation even at this stage of the pandemic and this guidance is subject to change. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to check Together for Maine routinely for updates. Employees and students in particular are encouraged to check the relevant sections of the web site for information particular to their needs.

(Last reviewed/updated 03/10/2021)

All students, staff and faculty should please update information regarding emergency notifications in your emergency alerts profile. Follow this link for instructions. This will allow the University to best communicate with you.

Email: The Chancellor has been and will continue to send email updates at key junctures to keep the community advised. Presidents, in collaboration with each other and the Chancellor, also are doing likewise for your specific University.

Web site/s: The University is posting regular updates and information to a one-stop source web site for Covid-19 information: . The web site also provides links to specific sites of the individual Universities of the University of Maine System. The web site also connects to more information from the Maine and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

If you have a question not answered by any of this guidance, the University also has a phone information line with recorded information and options for getting personal responses. That number is 207.581.2681.

(Last reviewed/updated: 05/14/2021)

Update your Contacts

Students and university employees are urged to update their contact information in MaineStreet as well as to review and update current Emergency Alert Notification preferences and subscriptions. It is critical that each campus be able to communicate directly with their communities through email and/or text messaging. We encourage you to follow these guides to review and/or update your information.

These guides can be found here:

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact or visit the UMS IT Support site: UMS IT Support site:
(Last reviewed/updated: 05/14/2021)