Together for Maine Daily Briefing and COVID-19 Data Update: 3/11/22

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University of Maine System Vaccination Tracking – As of 3/9/22

96% Vaccination Verification Rate among projected in-person spring population.

  • 21,577 students, faculty, and staff currently projected for in-person population
  • 97.7% Vaxx Verification Rate among 5,378 residence hall students

12,181 Verified Booster Shots have been uploaded to the University of Maine System (UMS) vaccination portal.

Asymptomatic Screening Activity 

The Asymptomatic Screening Dashboard at represents known results on all asymptomatic tests going back to July 22, 2020. About 48 hours passes from the time a test sample is collected and when the results are known.  

  • 3,176 Test results in the last 14 days
  • 55 Total positive UMS tests in the last 14 days

Case Counts and Available Quarantine / Isolation Spaces

48 – Known ACTIVE cases of UMS students or employees among the more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff in the University of Maine System community. These data would also include university students or employees known to have an active case of COVID-19, but not necessarily living in the campus region or state.  Prior updates are archived at

  • 29 University of Maine
  • 2 University of Maine at Augusta
  • 7 University of Maine at Farmington
  • 2 University of Maine at Fort Kent
  • 2 University of Maine at Machias
  • 3 University of Maine at Presque Isle
  • 2 University of Southern Maine
  • 1 University of Maine School of Law

243 available university-administered quarantine spaces out of 243

106 available university-administered isolation spaces out of 110

UMS News

This is the final daily Together for Maine report of the spring semester. After spring break, reports will return as weekly updates disseminated each Tuesday. The first weekly report will be issued Tuesday, March 22.