Together for Maine Weekly Update and COVID-19 Data Update: 1/22/21

University of Maine System COVID Data by Campus 


47 — Known Case of UMS students or employees in public health agency isolation among the more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff in the University of Maine System community.  


The University of Maine System is now preparing for the January 25, 2021 start of classes for the spring semester. These data would include university students or employees known to have an active case of COVID-19 but not necessarily living in the campus region or state.  Members of the university community who have traveled away from campus may not be reporting to university officials.  


  • 41 UMaine:
  • 0 UMA: 
  • 2 UMF:  
  • 1 UMFK: 
  • 0 UMM:  
  • 0 UMPI: 
  • 3 USM: 
  • 0 Maine Law


The above Data reflects ACTIVE known cases identified through the UMS asymptomatic screening and other testing venues.  When an individual completes their isolation period, the active case number shared in the Together for Maine daily update is reduced to reflect that change.  UMS is reporting 47 known cases today, 19 more than the cases reported in the 1/15/21 update.


13 of the current active cases are residential students

  • 98% of university-administered quarantine space currently available
  • 92% of university-administered isolation spaces available


Asymptomatic Screening Update for 20-21 Academic Year


  • 42,221 Test Results to Date
  • 150 positive results representing new diagnoses of COVID-19


The Asymptomatic Screening Dashboard at represents known results on all asymptomatic tests going back to July 22, 2020.  About 48 hours passes from the time a test sample is collected and when the results are known.  Limited testing is continuing with the University’s in-person population greatly reduced with the transition to distance instruction. 


UMS News


UMS Wastewater Monitoring Approaches Universal Coverage of Residence Hall Population:  UMS announced today that it will be expanding wastewater monitoring locations to include the Town of Farmington and the University of Maine at Presque Isle and collecting samples for analysis twice per week.  The expansion covers 97% of UMS residence hall students expected for the spring semester.  


In-person classes begin January 25:  The University has now preliminarily resumed asymptomatic testing of its community members for the spring semester. Testing will increase this month as more community members return.  In-person instruction is scheduled to resume January 25, 2021, when the spring semester begins.

Together for Maine Distribution Returns to Daily Schedule: Beginning Wednesday, January 27, the TFM update will be issued weekdays and on weekends as needed.