Together for Maine Daily Briefing and COVID-19 Data Update: 11/20/20

University of Maine System COVID Data by Campus 

56 — Known Case of UMS students or employees in public health agency Isolation among the more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff in the University of Maine System community.

  • 37 UMaine:  Six new cases involving commuter students
  • 3 UMA:  Two new cases involving residential students
  • 1 UMF: One new case involving a residential student
  • 0 UMFK: 
  • 1 UMM:  
  • 4 UMPI: Three new cases involving residential students.  See UMPI  news
  • 10 USM: 
    • One new case involving a residential student
    • Two individuals released from isolation
      • One commuter student, one residential student
  • 0 Maine Law

12 of the 56 cases are residence hall students:  Of the 56 cases reported above there are 12 active known cases among residence hall students in the UMS.  

  • 2 UMaine
  • 2 UMA
  • 1 UMF
  • 4 UMPI
  • 3 USM

Isolation and Quarantine Capacity Remains Very Strong:  94% of UMS quarantine space and 95% of UMS isolation space is available.  

The above Data reflects ACTIVE known cases identified through the UMS asymptomatic screening and other testing venues.  When an individual is released from an isolation order by a public health agency the active case number shared in the Together for Maine daily update is reduced to reflect that change.  UMS is reporting 56 known cases today, 11 cases more than the cases reported in the 11/19/20 update.

Asymptomatic Screening Update for Fall Safe Return

  • 32,998 Test Results to Date
  • 54 positives results representing new diagnoses of COVID-19

The Asymptomatic Screening Dashboard at represents known results on all asymptomatic tests going back to July 22, 2020.  About 48 hours passes from the time a test sample is collected and when the results are known.  

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UMPI:  Community Message from President Ray Rice — 11/19/20

Dear UMPI community,

We learned this evening that three new cases of COVID-19 have been identified within our campus community. We are working closely with the Maine CDC on these cases, and, as we have done before, contingency plans have been set in motion and contact tracing procedures have been initiated. The three residence hall students involved received positive test results for COVID-19 after participating in UMPI’s asymptomatic testing program. We can report that these individuals are in good health and have been moved into isolation.

To support our contact tracing efforts, and in following health and safety protocols, we would ask that anyone still waiting for results from this most recent round of asymptomatic testing stay in place until results are received: if you are an on-campus resident, please stay in your dorms, if you are an off-campus resident or have already left campus, please stay in your current residence until results are received.

As a precaution, all Friday classes will be held through remote learning only.  Other offices and services are not impacted.  As previously planned, classes next week will be held remotely through the end of the semester.  

I will send another update tomorrow once all “close contacts” identified through contact tracing have been notified. Despite this shift to remote instruction for tomorrow, we remain appreciative of all the hard work everyone is doing to keep each other safe. Our testing and health and safety protocols are working as intended and we will continue to do everything we can to minimize the spread of the virus. Please be diligent about wearing your mask, washing your hands, social distancing, and following all other safety guidelines. And remember, if you have questions or would like someone from campus to call you, please let us know here.




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