Together for Maine Daily Briefing and COVID-19 Data Update: 11/10/20

University of Maine System COVID Data by Campus 


35 — Known Case of UMS students or employees in public health agency Isolation among the more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff in the University of Maine System community.


  • 24 UMaine:   
    • One commuter student released from isolation
    • One new case involving an employee
    • Two new cases involving commuter students


  • 2 UMA:  One new case involving a faculty member
  • 2 UMF:  
  • 2 UMFK:  
  • 0 UMM
  • 1 UMPI: 
  • 4 USM:  One commuter student released from isolation
  • 0 Maine Law


5 of the 35 cases are residence hall students:  Of the 35 cases reported above there are five (5) active known cases among residence hall students in the UMS.  


  • 2 UMaine
  • 1  UMF
  • 1 UMFK
  • 1 USM


Isolation and Quarantine Capacity Remains Very Strong:  91% of UMS quarantine space and 96% of UMS isolation space is available.  


The above Data reflects ACTIVE known cases identified through the UMS asymptomatic screening and other testing venues.  When an individual is released from an isolation order by a public health agency the active case number shared in the Together for Maine daily update is reduced to reflect that change.  UMS is reporting 35 known cases today, two cases more than the cases reported in the 11/9/20 update.


Asymptomatic Screening Update for Fall Safe Return

  • 30,188 Test Results to Date
  • 42 positives results representing new diagnoses of COVID-19


The Asymptomatic Screening Dashboard at represents known results on all asymptomatic tests going back to July 22, 2020.  About 48 hours passes from the time a test sample is collected and when the results are known.  


UMS News


Testing Dashboard Reporting Error:  Yesterday’s TFM Update overreported testing totals (30,297) because of some duplicated data.  Today’s report of 30,188 test results is accurate.  


University News


UMaine Pauses Children’s Center Programs for 72 hours — 11/9/20 message to staff follows: 


The University of Maine Children’s Center programs will take a 72-hour pause in its operations from Nov. 10 and Nov. 12; Nov. 11 is a holiday.


As indicated in our regular communications with the Children’s Center community during this pandemic, the programs would close if staff members become symptomatic. As per DHHS licensing, we follow the guidelines regarding illness in group child care settings, which includes guidance from the federal and state Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


To be clear, at this time, none of the Children’s Center staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. The pause in operations followed health and safety guidelines indicated above and are taken out of an abundance of caution. The time will be used to deep clean the facilities and have them ready with the children return to their programs.


Current circumstances do not warrant further individual staff testing at this time. We will keep staff informed of any updates should those circumstances change. When UMaine positive cases become known, contact tracing begins immediately and is finished within a few hours. If you or members of your team do not receive a contact tracing call, you are not a close contact.


We ask that staff take the time Tuesday and Thursday to work remotely if possible, including pursuing online training. Staff will receive their regular wages for the two remote workdays.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but know that the health and safety of the children in our care, the staff who care for them and our community of Children’s Center families are our utmost priority.


With the uptick in COVID cases nationwide and in Maine, we ask all to remain vigilant and adhere to health and safety guidance, including wearing face coverings, social distancing and maintaining good hand hygiene.








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