This micro-credential recognizes and validates the learner’s successful completion of the University of Maine System (UMS) Leadership pathway (Levels 1, 2 and 3). Learners completed training in leadership development and applied their learning by fulfilling the responsibilities of a leadership role on campus or in the community, receiving a positive performance review. Learners reflected on the success of their experience and are able to articulate the leadership skills they applied and strengthened while earning this micro-credential. Learners demonstrated employability skills by earning one or more 21st Century Education Design Lab micro-badges. Learners were assessed using the Education Design Lab’s initiative rubric and demonstrated competence in exhibiting initiative (leading with/without a title, acting as a catalyst, demonstrating self-awareness and learning from experience). Evidence was verified and assessed by UMS faculty or staff to ensure UMS micro-credential quality standards were met.

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  • Skills (21st Century)

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