Throughout any data governance process, vast amounts of information and knowledge are generated as we progress from issue to resolution. Our process has resulted in nearly one thousand pages of documentation and resources including issue resolutions, definitions, procedures, and data standards. To ensure the maximum value for our end users, we consider all functional areas and every campus in the University of Maine System (UMS). Follow the links below to learn more about using UMS institutional data. If you do not have the access you require, please contact UMS Data Governance.

UMS Data Users’ Resources A comprehensive website with links for accessing UMS institutional data, requesting data, as well as the tools and documentation required to analyze and distribute it properly.
UMS Data Governance Projects Overview A table summarizing the progress of our Data Governance projects. Issues link to detailed information on the status of each project.
Data Governance Process A flowchart depicting our UMS Data Governance issue resolution process.
Data Governance Considerations for Project Management A checklist to see if UMS Data Governance can assist with ensuring the best outcome for your next project.