Your Guide to UMS Data Access, Training, & Documentation

UMS Institutional Data is data about our students, faculty, staff, and finances. At the UMS, it is stored in MaineStreet in one of three databases: Financials, Human Resources and Campus Solutions (student data). Whether you work in finance, student services, or human resources, secure access to—and acceptable use of—UMS data is imperative. On this page, you can find everything you need to know about accessing UMS institutional data, requesting data, as well as the tools and documentation required to analyze and distribute it properly. If you are new to UMS data, please start by clicking the button below to view our short video orientation taking you through the resources accessible from this landing page. Next, view our Introduction to UMS Institutional Data video at the beginning of the first row of resources.

A Quick Tour of Data Users' Resorces .

Link to Introduction to Institutional Data Video

Intro to UMS Institutional Data

A video tutorial highlighting materials & resources
for institutional data stewardship

Link to Data Access & ToolsData Access & Use

Start here if you need access to UMS data
and information on proper data use

Link to Data Tools Training

Data Reporting & Analysis Tools Training

Information and resources for using UMS data tools
(PS Query, Power BI)

Link to Data Request/Change Form

Data Requests

Link to our institutional data request form
for new requests or changes to an existing report or query

Link to UMS Data DictionaryUMS Data Dictionary

UMS institutional data terms,
functional definitions, and technical definitions

Link to DARTS Data WebsiteData Documentation

Information about available
reports, data tables, usage, and best practices

Link to Data Governance Management WebsiteData Governance

Information about the
UMS Data Governance program and projects