Data Governance Email

The UMS Data Governance program places great emphasis and value on the participation of all members of the UMS community in its work. Do you have questions about the work that is currently being done? Do you have ideas for other policy issues that should be addressed? Are you interested in serving on a committee or a workgroup? Email us at any time!

Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council is designed to provide support and decision-making authority on matters related to Data Governance. If you have questions about their work, please feel free to contact their chair.

Robert Placido, Chair
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Data Advisory Committee

The Data Advisory Committee works to address ongoing Data Governance issues as a group of representatives from campuses and functional areas. If you would like to learn more about their work, or are interested in serving on the committee, please contact one of the representatives below.

Rachel Groenhout, Co-Chair
Director of Institutional Data Management

Robert Placido, Co-Chair
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs