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Tuition Waivers

Two students looking at laptopThe University of Maine System Board of Trustees and State Legislature have established a number of different tuition and fee waiver programs for the benefit of students attending a university.

If a student meets certain criteria, that student may qualify for reduced university tuition and, in some cases, fees.

These tuition waivers are available for students in the following categories.  Full details on these waivers can be found here (PDF - 342 KB).

Native American Waiver and Educational Program

The University of Maine System has tuition waiver and room and board grant programs for eligible Native American students. The purpose of these programs is to encourage Native American students to participate in public higher education in Maine. The goal is to provide sustained support for all UMS Native American students who wish to pursue post-secondary study and, in particular, those who wish to obtain a certificate and/or an associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degree or some other appropriate credential that will serve them personally and professionally as they plan for the future.

Senior Citizens

The Board of Trustees authorizes the waiver of tuition and Board-approved mandatory fees for senior citizens who register for undergraduate courses on a credit or audit basis at any university of the University of Maine System. Enrollment will be subject to space availability.

USS Maine Commemorative Tuition Waiver Program

Tuition will be waived for eligible members of the USS Maine’s crew, their spouses, and dependent children. Eligible crew members and families will be limited to the initial crew and those assigned to the ship within one year of its commissioning.

UMS High School Waiver Program

In situations where State funding is not sufficient to cover one-half the tuition for all eligible students as outlined in the High School Aspirations Incentive Program, the University of Maine System will still waive half of the tuition for the first three (3) credit hours taken each semester (fall and spring only).

Veteran’s Dependent Waiver

Per Maine law, tuition and mandatory fees and lab fees will be waived for eligible orphans, widows & widowers of veterans as well as spouses and children of veterans who are disabled or missing in action.

Tuition Waiver for Children of Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Per Maine law, tuition will be waived for eligible students but will be limited to undergraduate degree programs and shall be limited to the earlier of not more than five years of full-time enrollment or its equivalent, or receipt of a Baccalaureate Degree.

Tuition Waiver for Persons in Foster Care, subsidized adoptive care, or minor wards of a subsidized permanency guardian upon graduating from high school or successfully completing a GED examination

Tuition will be waived for eligible Maine students who have applied for federal student financial aid. These students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or certificate program of at least one year and not been enrolled full-time for more than five years or the equivalent.