Types of Multi-University Collaborations

University of Maine System (UMS) Collaborations primarily fall under four types, however, they are not limited to these forms:

  • Course Sharing: When courses taught at one campus are accepted by degree programs offered by another campus.
  • Multi-University Programs: When a degree curriculum requires courses that are taught on multiple campuses.
  • Co-taught Courses: When a unique course is collaboratively co-taught by faculty from multiple campuses.
  • Research Collaborations: When a faculty member at one campus works with faculty from other campuses on academic research, a grant-funded project, or another endeavor.

Process for a new, multi-university academic program

New Multi-University academic programs require a multi-step approval process, outlined below. In the case of course sharing, co-taught courses, or research collaborations, formal University of Maine System approval is not required. Faculty members should speak with their chair or dean for more information. If you are interested in developing multi-university collaborations, we invite you to connect with the UMS Office of Academic Affairs as you develop your idea. This sample MOU framework reflects the basic components of existing collaborations, and adds an important section about outcomes assessment in collaboratively delivered programs.

Step One

Working in conjunction with your partners on each campus, develop a proposal to share with the Chair or Dean at each collaborating institution. You will need to receive approval for your idea through your typical campus governance process.

Step Two

File an official Intent to Plan with the Provost of each collaborating institution. The Intent to Plan process is outlined in parts two and four of the New Academic Program Administrative Practice Letter. 

Step Three

After your initial Intent to Plan has been approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, you will be cleared to develop your final proposal. The Proposal process is outlined in parts two and four of the New Academic Program Administrative Practice Letter. Sample Program Proposals are linked below.

Step Four

Working with the Provosts at each university, develop a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the responsibilities of each partnering institution. Sample Memoranda of Understanding are linked below.

Important Links for Multi-campus Collaborations

Do You Have Questions about Multi-University Collaborations?

If you have a question regarding a multi-university collaboration, have identified a barrier to collaboration, or would like help with an idea, please call 207-581-5865 or email academicaffairs@maine.edu