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Bids and Results-fy2021

Result Bid # Commodity
Result 2021-003 RFP 2021-003 Enterprise Resource Planning Solution
Result 2021-001 RFP 2021-001 Software Solution for Advancement/ Community, Donor and Alumni Engagement
Result 2021-007 RFB 2021-007 Propane: University of Maine at Fort Kent
Result 2021-009 RFQ 2021-009 University of Maine Public Private Partnership (P3) for Historical Buildings Redevelopment
Result 2021-011 RFB 2021-011 Simulator- AR/MR Capability
Result 2021-004 RFP 2021-004 Data Transport Services
Result 2021-015 RFB 2021-015 Fuels: ULSHO for University of Maine at Machias
Result 2021-013 RFI 2021-013 Class A Office/Classroom Space Lease/Purchase Options Portland, Maine
Result 2021-012 RFP 2021-012 Customer Relationship Management Solution
Result 2021-018 RFP 2021-018 High Speed Camera Purchase
Result 2021-017 RFP 2021-017 University of Maine (UMaine) Public Private Partnership (P3) for Historical Building Redevelopment
Result 2021-020 RFP 2021-020 Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
Result 2021-022 RFB 2021-022 Electronic Message Sign
Result 2021-019 RFP 2021-019 Dental Loupes and Lights for UMA Dental Health Programs
Result 2021-024 RFB 2021-024 ULSHO & Kerosene for University of Maine
Result 2021-023 RFB 2021-023 Propane for University of Maine
Result 2021-025 RFB 2021-025 Electricity for University of Maine
Result 2021-010 RFP 2021-010 Enterprise Marketing Firm
Result 2021-029 RFQ 2021-029 University of Maine System Public-Private Partnership for Student Housing
Result 2021-028 RFP 2021-028 Multimedia Rights Consultant
Result 2021-030 RFQ 2021-030 Alternative Private Educational Loans
Result 2021-032 RFP 2021-032 Self-Insured Dental Program
Result 2021-031 RFQ 2021-031 Technical Assistance for Southeast New England Program Network: Watershed Management, Stormwater Management and Restoration Efforts
Result 2021-033 RFB 2021-033 Natural Gas for University of Southern Maine
Result 2021-034 RFP 2021-034 Life, AD&D, Disability and Leave Administration
Result 2021-036 RFP 2021-036 Audit Services for NCAA Compliance
Result 2021-035 RFP 2021-035 Public-Private Partnership for Student Housing
Result 2021-038 RFP 2021-038 University of Maine at Augusta Aircraft Acquisition
Result 2021-041 RFB 2021-041 DULSD: University of Maine
Result 2021-042 RFP 2021-042 Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC) Consulting
Result 2021-039 RFP 2021-039 Career Services Solution
Result 2021-027 RFP 2021-027 Digital Display Solution
Result 2021-040 RFP 2021-040 University of Maine at Farmington Feasibility Study for Campus Advancement
Result 2021-026 RFP 2021-026 Insurance Brokerage Services
Result 2021-044 RFP 2021-044 UMA Life Safety Services
Result 2021-046 RFP 2021-046 University of Maine System Parking Services
Result 2021-048 RFP 2021-048 University of Maine Psychological Services Center Mental Health Consultation
Result 2020-071 RFP 2020-071 On-call/As Needed Services for Facilities Management
Result 2020-076 RFB 2020-076 Cleaning Services for UMaine Extension Cumberland County Office
Result 2020-074 RFP 2020-074 Renewable Natural Gas Supply & Environmental Attributes for University of Maine