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May 2022 Update

UMS Strategic Planning will be framed by a set of Guiding Principles that provide a structure for idea prioritization and decision making. The Guiding Principles were co-developed between Huron, the UMS presidents and System staff, and the UMS Strategic Plan Working Group and … Read More

April 2022 Update

Chancellor Malloy’s spring visits to the seven universities and Maine Law will wrap up by the end of April. The spring tour’s focus is UMS’s first significant Strategic Planning effort since 2004, and it is essential that the planning teams hear … Read More

March 2022 Update

The three committees working with Huron to guide Strategic Planning are actively working on a strategy for hearing from stakeholders. Dates for the Chancellor’s spring visits have been announced, and representatives from Huron will be in attendance. Please plan to share your thoughts and questions … Read More

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