Learn More About the Maine Geospatial Institute

Together, the seven campuses of the University of Maine System (UMS) are building a central resource to advance geospatial technology initiatives. This resource is the Maine Geospatial Institute. The Maine Geospatial Institute unites the geospatial technologies community – scientists, researchers, students, educators, industry leaders, and other key partners – to work together in recognition that economic growth, workforce development, education, and research can all be strengthened through collaboration.

Strong partnerships are already being cultivated among those dedicated to greater understanding of the exciting opportunities that geospatial science and tools provide. Today’s tools – from GIS to remote sensing to GPS and more – all provide different kinds of data to answer important questions and solve unique problems that involve location. This approach will contribute to a future that embraces technology as a method to advancing our understanding of our world.

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Working Groups:

The Maine Geospatial Institute (MGI) is guided by working groups charged with assisting the MGI executive committee in meeting the goals and functions of the Institute.

UMS Education Working Group:

This working group is coordinating academic program initiatives such as identifying currently available courses, evaluating course sequencing, compiling and coordinating course schedules, identifying content gaps, and outlining a plan to add new courses, including course options for K-12 teacher training, in service, and continuing education. K-12 Education is a subgroup working with the Maine Geographic Alliance to establish and enhance statewide initiatives to train K-12 teachers to introduce GIS in the classroom.

Campus Project Centers Working Group:

This working group is developing MGI Project Centers where collaborations among scientists, researchers, students, educators, industry leaders and other key partners are facilitated with an annual “seed grant” RFP.

Governance Working Group:

This working group is developing policy, financial management, and governing rules for the Institute.

Infrastructure Working Group:

This working group will work closely with system administration to support institutional infrastructure.