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You use them every day.

From asking your smartphone to find the best route to a concert, to guiding the efficient arrival of emergency services when you need them most, geospatial technologies are the tools that merge our physical surroundings with the technology we need to navigate our world.

Not only are we reliant on it for everyday tasks, so are the businesses, industries and agencies that make decisions on things like natural resources management, security, recreation, healthcare, transportation and utilities. Every day, the need for geospatial technologies gains momentum: from self-driving cars to drones delivering packages, to mapping our planet’s changes for assessing the impact of climate change – geospatial technologies are the foundation for how we live today and how we will navigate our futures.

With all of this in mind, the seven campuses of the University of Maine have partnered with agencies, industries and communities to build a central resource to take on geospatial science and technology as a collaborative project in which everyone can participate. This resource is the Maine Geospatial Institute (MGI).

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