Student Complaints Process

Distance Education

Campus-specific processes

Students with complaints about a distance education experience should first follow their campus’ Student Complaints Process (External Site). Distance education-related complaints regarding academic matters (e.g., grades) should follow the Academic Appeals Policy. Distance education-related complaints regarding administrative matters (e.g., the accuracy of licensure information) should follow the Administrative Appeals Policy.

University-specific processes:

State of Maine processes

After following their campus’ student complaint process, students may seek further action through the following Maine Department of Education process:

The State of Maine also offers a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Complaint Form (External PDF). This form should be used by any current student or former student enrolled in an online degree program who seeks to file a complaint against a degree-granting institution approved to operate under the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

  1. Students should exhaust the formal complaint process of the host institution.
  2. Students should file a complaint through SARA (External PDF) that includes documentation that the student has exhausted the formal complaint process at the host post-secondary institution.
  3. The Maine Department of Education (DOE) reviews the complaint and supporting documents. The Maine DOE may request further documentation from the participating SARA institution mentioned in the complaint.
  4. Maine DOE determines if the resolution of the host institution is acceptable. If so, the complaint process is concluded and the previous resolution is sustained. If the previous resolution is found not acceptable by the Maine DOE, then the complaint will be further investigated until resolved.
  5. The student receives a final disposition letter from the Maine DOE.