Key for Campus Codes:

UMS01 = University of Maine at Augusta

UMS02 = University of Maine at Farmington

UMS03 = University of Maine at Fort Kent

UMS04 = University of Maine at Machias

UMS05 = University of Maine

UMS06 = University of Southern Maine

UMS07 = University of Maine at Presque Isle

Job Code/Faculty Rank – PATFA only

CodeJob/Faculty Rank
6600Instructor – Part Time
6601Instructor B – Part-Time
6610Lecturer – Part Time
6611Lecturer B – Part-time
6620Lecturer I – Part Time
6621Lecturer I B – Part-time
6630Lecturer II – Part Time
6631Lecturer II B – Part-time
6640Lecturer III – Part Time
6641Lecturer III B – Part Time
6650Assistant Professor – Part Time
6651Assistant Professor B – Part-time
6660Associate Professor – Part Time
6661Associate Professor B – Part-time
6670Professor – Part Time
6671Professor B – Part-time
6680Professor Emeritus
6690Research Professor – Part Time

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