1. Definitions
  2. Designation of the UMS Health Care Component
  3. Designation of HIPPA Privacy and Security Officials
  4. Business Associate Agreements
  5. Authorizations
  6. Notice of Privacy Practices
  7. Minimum Necessary Requirements
  8. Notification of Breach
  9. Privacy Safeguards
  10. Psychotherapy Notes
  11. De-Identification of Information
  12. Limited Data Set
  13. Health Care Clearinghouses
  14. Verification of Identity Requirements
  15. Personal Representatives
  16. Disclosures to Family Members
  17. Uses and Disclosures for Treatment, Payment, or Health Care Operations
  18. Uses and Disclosures for Health Oversight Activities
  19. Uses and Disclosures for Public Health Activities
  20. Disclosures for Judicial and Administrative Proceedings
  21. Disclosures about Victims of Abuse, Neglect, or Domestic Violence
  22. Disclosures for Law Enforcement Purposes
  23. Uses and Disclosures About Decedents
  24. Uses and Disclosures for Organ, Eye, or Tissue Donation Purposes
  25. Uses and Disclosures for Research Purposes
  26. Uses and Disclosures to Avert a Serious Threat to Health or Safety
  27. Uses and Disclosures for Specialized Government Functions
  28. Disclosures for Workers’ Compensation
  29. Disclosure of HIV Information
  30. Disclosure of Substance Abuse Information
  31. Disclosures by Whistleblowers and Crime Victims
  32. Rights to Request Privacy Protection for PHI (Protected Health Information)
  33. Confidential Communications Requirements
  34. Access of Individuals to PHI
  35. Amendment of PHI
  36. Accounting of Disclosures of PHI
  37. Sanctions for Violations
  38. Mitigation of Harm
  39. Refraining from Intimidating or Retaliatory Acts
  40. Waiver of Rights
  41. Security of PHI – General Rules
  42. Security of PHI – Administrative Safeguards
  43. Security of PHI – Physical Safeguards
  44. Security of PHI – Technical Safeguards
  45. Group Health Plans
  46. Unique Identifiers
  47. Standard Transactions
  48. Complaints to the Covered Component
  49. Policies and Proceedures
  50. Documentation


  1. Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Authorization for Use of Disclosure of Health Information
  3. Business Associate Agreement – University as Covered Entity
  4. Business Associate Agreement – University as Business Associate
  5. Health Information Fax Cover Sheet
  6. Data Use Agreement
  7. Subcontractor Business Associate Addendum


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