The Data Governance Framework is a visual representation of the building blocks, pillars, and overall goals of the UMS Data Governance Program.

At the bottom of the image are three blocks. The first block is titled “Philosophy” and reads “Data-Governance: an Institutional Asset.”  The second block is titled “Foundation” and lists “People, Technology & Architecture.” The third block is titled “Values” and lists “Transparency, Collaboration & Responsibility.”

On top of those three blocks is a single block titled “Communication.”

Four pillars are represented on top of the “Communication” block. The first pillar reads “Compliance & Risk Mitigation.” The second pillar reads “Security & Access.” The third pillar reads “Integrity & Consistency.” The fourth pillar reads “Standards & Policies.”

On top of the four pillars is a single block that reads “Data Stewardship.” Atop that is a triangle representing a roof that reads “Culture of Data Informed Decisions.”

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