Subject: Inter-Campus Sponsored Projects

Effective 12/7/2009

Purpose of Guidelines

This document establishes and explains procedures for the administrative management of contract and grant projects involving multiple campuses to ensure consistency and uniformity in accounting practices across the University of Maine System.


Campuses may engage in extramurally sponsored research, instruction, or public service projects which involve more than one University of Maine System campus. In these circumstances, one campus shall serve as the “Prime” campus with respect to oversight and accounting, with other campuses considered “Participating” campuses.

Who is Responsible

Responsibility for following these guidelines lies primarily with designated Principal Investigators/Project Directors on each campus involved in intercampus projects with the support of University Sponsored Programs Offices, or other departments responsible for providing general guidance and assistance to Principal Investigators or Project Directors, their Department Chairs or other direct supervisors.

The University of Maine System is responsible for providing guidance through administrative practice letters, business process documents, and periodic internal and external audits.

Definitions and Terms

A. Prime Campus – the campus which submits the overall multiple-campus proposal to, and receives the award from, the sponsor. The Prime campus is responsible for implementing the overall project and for complying with all University and sponsor requirements, terms and conditions.

B. Participating Campus – the campus which assists or collaborates in implementing the scope of work awarded to the Prime campus. Each Participating campus is responsible, on its respective campus, for its portion of the project, and for meeting all University and sponsor requirements, terms and conditions. In exercising all responsibilities, Prime and Participating campuses shall comply with the responsibilities and procedures set forth below.

Responsibilities and Procedures

  • Communication with Extramural Sponsors – A participating campus shall transmit all communications, approvals, assurances, requests, and financial and technical reports covering its portion of the project intended for the sponsoring agency through the Prime campus. In rare or unusual circumstances, exceptions may be granted with explicit contractual language from the extramural sponsor.
  • Intercampus Communications – All intercampus communications concerning proposal, award, and other contract and grant administration matters between Prime and Participating campuses shall occur between University Sponsored Programs Offices, and other departments responsible for providing general guidance and assistance to Principal Investigators or Project Directors. This does not preclude routine communications between Principal Investigators on the performance of the work of sponsored projects.
  • Coordination of University Multiple-Campus Projects – Responsibility for overall coordination of multiple-campus projects rests with the Prime campus. However, before submitting a proposal, closing out an award, or making substantive administrative or programmatic changes during the course of an award, the Prime campus must secure the concurrence of each Participating campus. Participating campuses need only be notified of minor administrative or programmatic changes.Each Participating campus is responsible for advising and coordinating with the Prime campus concerning contract and grant administration issues and for assuming financial and programmatic responsibility for its portion of the project.
  • Fiscal Arrangements – Fiscal arrangements shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the award notification submitted by the Prime Campus to the Participating Campus. The Prime campus, in its award notification to a Participating Campus, shall clearly inform the Participating campus of the extent of its re-budgeting authority and of related prior approval requirements as determined by the terms of the award. Participating campuses also shall communicate to the Prime campus any financial or programmatic issues.Each campus involved shall have access to a PeopleSoft Project for the purpose of providing a cost center to collect direct and indirect costs (F&A) related to their respective portion of the overall project. The Prime campus shall have direct access to all financial information for the purpose of general oversight, monitoring, and billing. The Prime campus also may require other routine financial reporting from a Participating campus in order to meet sponsor or University requirements.
  • Direct Costs – Each campus is entitled to recover allowable direct costs associated with participation in intercampus projects.
  • Indirect Costs/Facilities and Administrative Rates – Each campus is entitled to recovery of facilities and administrative costs (F&A), on its own modified total direct costs at the rate awarded by the sponsor. The Prime campus shall not recover F&A costs applicable to direct costs of a Participating campus. The Prime campus shall determine the proposed F&A rate based on sponsor guidelines and system policy.
  • Time and Effort Certification –Effort Certifications for personnel working on multiple campus extramural projects shall be in accordance with System policy and procedures established by the hiring campus.

History of Policy

Issue 1: Effective 12/07/2009

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Approved: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Signature on file in System Office of Finance and Administration

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