Subject: Fee Collection – Non-University Organizations

Issue 3

Effective 11/03/2006


The Board of Trustees in July, 1979, voted “that the University billing system be used only for collecting University related fees and charges, and that it not be made available in any form for the collection of private association charges, and that charges for any optional services, if shown on the student bill, be clearly identified as optional, and that a positive action by the student be required to maintain the charge.”

In situations where health care insurance coverage is mandatory for enrollment, the billing system may be used to assess a student health insurance fee to students who have not provided proof of adequate health care coverage with another carrier.

Campuses should ensure that:

  1. Only University related fees and charges should appear on the University’s billing system.
  2. Optional University related service charges are permitted if the item is clearly identified as optional. (e.g., Optional Health Insurance).
  3. Private association charges of any kind are not allowed on the University’s billing system. (An example of a private association charge would be a student organization membership fee or fraternity dues.)

Approved: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

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