Subject: Student Financial Appeal Process

Issue 2

Effective 8/1/06

The purpose of this letter is to set forth an appeal process for students who dispute financial claims by the University of Maine System or one of its campuses; i.e., tuition, fees, room and board and amounts due on outstanding student loans. Please see Administrative Practice Letter Section IX-C “Student Accounts Receivable – Collection and Write-Off Procedures” for guidelines on the collection of past due amounts from students.


  1. Students should submit a written statement to the campus business officer or other designated campus official stating the amount and nature of the disagreement and why he or she feels the charge is incorrect.
  2. Students should submit their written appeal within thirty (30) days of the initial billing of a disputed charge. The campus business officer or other designated official should respond in writing to the student’s complaint within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the appeal.
  3. If the campus business officer or other designated official’s decision is considered incorrect by the student, the student may appeal that decision (within 30 days) in the following order:a. To the Chief Financial Officer or equivalent official as designated by the campus.
    b. To the President of the campus, whose decision shall be final.

Approved: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

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