Subject: Availability of Nutrition Information at Student Dining Services

Effective 7/6/12


The purpose of this letter is to ensure that signage is in place that allows students to make more healthy food and beverage choices available through university dining services.


  1. All University of Maine System campuses will offer point of purchase/promotion (POP) signage where students dine. The POP signage will symbolize the nutrition information of food and beverage items.
  2. Campus dining services will have procedures in place to update, in a timely manner, nutrition information for foods and beverages served. The nutrition information will be used to generate designated POP signage.
  3. Campus dining services will have procedures in place that identify and train individuals responsible for maintaining POP signage.
  4. The type and look of point of purchase/promotion (POP) signage offered and procedures developed to be in place mentioned in this Administrative Practice Letter may be at the discretion of each individual campus.
  5. Contracted food service organizations of the UMS will support the purpose of this Administrative Practice Letter.

Approved: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

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