Subject: Information Technology in Capital Projects

Campus Facilities and Information Technology Management will coordinate during the planning phase of construction projects to assure that the resources needed for capital and continuing information technology are included in the plan.

  • When a capital project is initiated:
    • The Campus Facilities Director will inform the Campus Information Technology Director.
    • The System Facilities Office will inform the University of Maine System Chief Information Officer.
    • System Information Technology Services (UMS ITS ) will participate, where appropriate, in the design, implementation and management of the information technology infrastructure.
  • Planning and budgets for capital projects should include:
    • Wireless, fiber and cable infrastructure for the network, including telecommunications, internal and external to the building and
    • Physical and environmental security for the hardware components, such as server rooms, IT closets, air-conditioning of equipment, etc.
  • Wherever possible and appropriate, the design team should include a BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)* who is thoroughly familiar with the cabling methods established by the current BCSI TDMM (Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual) and the IEEE standards for cable, fiber and wireless communication.

* or equivalent credentials satisfactory to UMS ITS.

APPROVED: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

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