Subject: Facilities Procedures

Issue 2

Effective May 10, 2006

(This APL contains miscellaneous items that will be included from time to time.)

A. Threats to University Property

A reward of up to $10,000 may be offered to any one who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who intentionally damages, or threatens to damage any University property by bomb, arson, vandalism, or other means. Each University shall maintain and upgrade as needed a set of guidelines for responding to any threats or acts (e.g. preventing panic, communication with local agencies, investigation and prosecution, responsible campus authority, training programs, campus and community notification and awareness).

B. Usage of University Property

Each University will establish rules for use of facilities under its management. These rules will appear as Attachments to this APL and/or be available at each location. Each will include the name of the designated office responsible for establishing and enforcing those rules (see Attachment A – Statement on Usage of Premises).

APPROVED: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Attachment A: University of Maine System Office Statement on Usage of Premises

As the statewide operations center for the University of Maine System (UMS), the facility at 16 Central Street, Bangor, is a limited-access building featuring individual offices, limited-capacity conference rooms for the transaction of UMS business and related functions. Given these limited purposes, functions and space, the UMS building does not serve as a public facility and is not intended as a public venue open to expressive conduct. Loud or excessive noise or boisterous conduct is not conducive to the purpose of the premises and is forbidden.

Carrying signage – whether hand-held or attached to a stick, pole or similar device – is not allowed due to the confined nature of the meeting and conference rooms, and the narrowness of the foyer, stairwells, hallways, waiting areas and elevator. Furthermore, parading, marching and demonstrating within the facility are prohibited in order to assure the health and safety of persons and property. Entrances and exits to the building, work areas or conference and meeting rooms may not be blocked or obstructed.

From time to time, the Board of Trustees of the UMS will conduct meetings which by law are open to the public in rooms specifically designated for the particular meeting in question, in order for the Board to preserve order and to conduct its public business, these meetings are governed by the rules of the Board, Section 212, Free Speech and Assembly and Section 202, Appearance Before Board of Trustees, and all pertinent state, federal and local laws or ordinances and Maine Labor Relations Board Arbitration decisions. The prohibitions contained above also govern such meetings.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Clerk of the Board of Trustees, 16 Central Street, Bangor, Maine 04401. Telephone 207-973-3211.

Dated: April 28, 2006

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