Instructions for Completing Petty Cash Request Form


The Petty Cash Request Form is used to authorize disbursement of and acknowledge receipt of petty cash. It reduces paperwork and allows people to shop for themselves for minor items. It can be used as authorization to make small purchases up to $125.00 from off-campus vendors or university bookstores, or to make emergency loans to students. Emergency student loans may be paid from petty cash only when payments through normal account channels would result in hardships to students.

Processing and Reimbursement

Individuals may purchase items after requesting and receiving departmental approval for small purchases. A copy of the form may be retained by the vendor as proof of tax exemption.

For small purchases, the purchaser will pay for the item and be reimbursed from petty cash by the Business Office, upon presentation of this form properly completed, approved, and accompanied by the original paid invoice. The person requesting reimbursement shall sign as the payee signifying that the invoice(s) submitted is for authorized university business and that the individual is entitled to reimbursement. The individual receiving the cash on behalf of the payee shall sign, date and indicate the amount received on the Petty Cash Request form. The department approval shall be an authorized employee who is not the payee. The originating department or purchaser should retain a copy of the form.

Emergency loans to a student are processed by the Business Office or Financial Aid Office. The student must report to the Business Office and acknowledge cash received by signing, dating, and indicating the amount received on the Petty Cash Request form. The Business Office sends one copy to the Financial Aid Office or Loans Receivable Office for follow-up. The proper loan fund will be charged when the petty cash fund is reimbursed by the SWS Accounting Office.

The Petty Cash fund custodian will approve all disbursements of petty cash and assign a voucher number.

APL I-E Petty Cash