Upon granting unified accreditation to the University of Maine System in July 2020, our regional accreditor, the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), asked us to prepare a self-study in advance of a Fall 2022 visit by a NECHE-appointed evaluation team. Information about Chief Institutional Officers can be found on this page.

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An aerial photo of campus outside in the winter.



Function of Office Name Exact Title Year of Appointment
Board chair Patricia Riley Chair, Board of Trustees 2022
Chancellor Dannel Malloy Chancellor 2019
University president Joan Ferrini-Mundy President, University of Maine / University of Maine at Machias 2018
Interim president Joseph Szakas Interim President, University of Maine at Augusta 2021
University president Edward Serna President, University of Maine at Farmington 2019
University president and provost Deborah Hedeen President and Provost, University of Maine at Fort Kent 2020
University president and provost Raymond Rice President and Provost, University of Maine at Presque Isle 2017
University president Glenn Cummings President, University of Southern Maine 2015
Law dean Leigh Saufley Dean, University of Maine School of Law 2020
UMS academic affairs Robert Placido Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 2020
UMS finance and administration Ryan Low Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Treasurer 2017
UMS innovation and research Joan Ferrini-Mundy Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Research 2021
UMS strategic initiatives James Thelen Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Legal Officer 2021
UMS academic affairs Carolyn Dorsey Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 2020
UMS accreditation, strategic initiatives Jeffrey St. John Associate Vice Chancellor for Accreditation and Strategic Initiatives 2021
UMS student success, credential attainment Rosa Redonnett Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Credential Attainment 2019
UMS human resources Loretta Shields Chief Human Resources Officer 2021
UMS information technologies David Demers Chief Information Officer 2017
UMS general services Rudy Gabrielson Interim Chief General Services Officer 2022
UMS government and community relations Samantha Warren Director of Government and Community Relations 2016
UMS organizational effectiveness Kim-Marie Jenkins Director of Organizational Effectiveness 2019
UMS controller Tracy Elliott Vice President for Finance and Controller, University of Maine System 2016
University provost Eric Brown Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Maine at Farmington 2019
University provost Joseph Szakas Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Maine at Augusta 2011
University provost Jeannine Uzzi Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, University of Southern Maine 2016
University provost John Volin Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Maine 2020
Chief financial officer Ryan Low    
Chief student affairs officer Robert Placido, university leaders    
Planning UMS and university leaders    
Athletics University athletic directors, other university leaders    
Development University foundation leaders    
Library University librarians    
Chief information officer David Demers    
Continuing education University leaders    
Grants and research Joan Ferrini-Mundy, university research and grants leaders    
Recruitment University Admissions leaders    
Registrar University registrars    
Financial aid University financial aid directors, UMS staff    
Alumni association University alumni association leaders