Unified Accreditation Process and Timeline

To advance unified accreditation, a five-member University of Maine System project management leadership team is working in concert with an Executive Steering Committee (comprising the six university presidents and the UMaine and University of Southern Maine provosts), the NECHE self study writing teams, the Office of Organizational Effectiveness and many other partners.

The project management leadership team is tracking unified accreditation activity in a process-and-timeline roadmap, and updates that document regularly.

Unified accreditation initiatives are underway in several areas—for example, the work of the University of Maine System Faculty Governance Council—and are following individual timelines, but progress in all areas will be reflected in an April 2021 report to the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) (in advance of a two-person team visit in May 2021), and again in our Fall 2022 self study as part of our comprehensive evaluation.

Monthly updates on unified accreditation progress and milestones will be posted on this website.