August 2021 Update

Unified Accreditation Update

In response to welcome encouragement from members of the University of Maine System (UMS) Presidents’ Council and others, we will be sharing the Fall 2022 UMS self study in draft with the UMS community and inviting feedback at three points in the coming academic year: September, February and May. This engagement reflects our ongoing commitment to transparency in all facets of our collective Unified Accreditation work, as well as a practical desire to gather input and insight in order to make the self study as comprehensive and compelling as possible.

We will be seeking your input and suggestions for the self study using an instrument similar to the one we set up to capture your feedback for the June 2020 UMS substantive change request to New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). And although we will not be able to reconcile and incorporate every individual piece of feedback, all input will be read and weighed carefully, and adopted where appropriate.

The messaging on this subject will be updated again in the coming weeks, so please check back here regularly. We hope you will participate in this important and inclusive process. Thank you.